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Our Mission

The aim of all Friends of the Soviet People is international cooperation in building socialism and solidarity with the anti-imperialist forces of the world who are struggling against U.S. Imperialism – the main enemy of humanity.


Our History

U.S. Friends of the Soviet People is the successor to the National Council of American – Soviet Friendship (NCASF) Started in 1918 as “Hands Off Russia” Committees.

USFSP Leadership

With over 100 years of combined organizing experience, UFSFP is the only anti-imperialist organization working to build friendship and solidarity with the people living in the former USSR and Eastern Europe. We never abandoned our comrades.





Angelo D’Angelo, PhD.

National Chair

Dr. D’Angelo is a retired school teacher in New York City.






Johnathon Macks

National Vice-Chair

Mr. Macks is a proud member of the League of Communists USA. 


Zackary Martyrs

Zackary Martyrs

Recording Secretary

Mr. Martyrs serves as the Chair of the Alabama branch of USFSP


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Southern California Branch, USFSP


USFSP BULLETIN EDITOR: Mark Maxey, Ph. D.                           

National Writers Union, Local 1981 AFL-CIO*





Martin J. Sawma

USFSP Peace Liaison



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