Angelo D’Angelo, PhD.

National Chair

Retiree Chapter, United Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO


Johnathon Macks

National Vice-Chair

Mr. Macks is a proud member of the League of Young Communists USA (LYCUSA). 


Zackary Martyrs

Recording Secretary

Mr. Martyrs serves as the Chair of the Alabama branch of USFSP







Southern California Branch, USFSP

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Martin J. Sawma

USFSP Peace Liaison

Martin J. Sawma

USFSP Peace Liaison




Roman Kordonsky

Liaison, former Soviet émigrés

Chris Bovet


USFSP Youth Division Chair








Charles O’Connell

Florida Branch, USFSP






Dean Gunderson

Twin Cities Branch, USFSP

Ephram Haile

Eritrean Community & Development Center*

Massachusetts Branch, USFSP

Joseph Hancock

American Federation of Musicians, Local 47 AFL-CIO*

Southern California Branch, USFSP


Kelly U. McConnell

Southern California Branch, USFSP









Ed Wlody

NY Branch, USFSP

*Organizations listed for identification purposes only